Well, sort of. The basics are up and running. 

I can list...




...and Delete bottles.

But there’s still quite a bit of work to finish. For starters:

  • There’s no UI for modifying the list of distilleries. It has to be manually done from the database directly, AND when entering it has to be an exact match to a record. I should modify this control to be a dropdown
  • PostgreSQL is REALLY unstable under WSL, I get connections refused every other click. I should probably move this off to a different VM so it actually runs properly. In fact the whole app for that matter.
  • Layout of the whole site isn’t quite working, since the examples were for a blog. Each of the items doesn’t actually click, so it’s practically dumping everything right onto the index. Maybe something in a tabular or cards form, and a proper CSS engine instead of a copy/pasted CSS file.


I could carry on developing this thing, or pack it up as something deployable.